This page is for gathering feedback from the class on their preferences as it relates to the Class of 72 Old Brigade initiative. Voting is open until 2016 February 29.

With the release of the Project Review Report prepared by Lawrence McDonough and Bill Simms and the feedback gathered to-date, we believe the Class would like to support the Currie Hall Restoration. Before proceeding any further on behalf of the Class, your Old Brigade Project Team (Lawrence McDonough, Bill Simms, Ken Hague, Bruce McAlpine and Ross Judd) would like you to confirm our conclusion by voting using the following:

Do you agree with the plan to make the Currie Hall Refurbishment the focus for the Class of 72 Old Brigade initiative?

We would also like you to indicate your level of support for the Kiosk Add-On proposal by voting using the following:

Funds permitting, do you support the Kiosk Add-On initiative?