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We have reviewed the progress of the three projects which the class had chosen to pursue. Each of the three projects has some risk attached, some more significant than others which has led us to this interim report. In investigating the risks, we also uncovered a further opportunity for a Legacy Gift. This involves a contribution to the renovation of Currie Hall. This would be a significant contribution from the Class and would be considered as such by the College and all who use Currie Hall.

Our recommendation is that the Currie Hall renovation as described herein be designated as our Legacy gift to the College. See the following or click on the link below to download a copy of the report.

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  • I totally support the recommendations of Bill and Lawrence for the Class Legacy Gift.

  • I agree with Ken

  • I’m happy with the big one (i.e., the Currie Hall project)

  • I have read the feedback of others, and apologize in advance for sounding contrarian in my response. My position has always been that I do not want to fund anything that DND should be funding. Our gift should be something special that would not ordinarily be expected to come out of public funding. In my opinion, the proper maintenance of the facilities of the college should come out of the public purse, not as a class gift. Having said that, I do not want to be the one standing in the way of a majority-approved initiative, if that is what the class decides.

    • You were correct to bring this up – and this was also an early perspective of many in the Class. Bill and I discussed that with Ed Murray and Frank Norman also. DND is in the process of putting on a new copper roof for MacKenzie, is repairing the cracks in walls and woodwork, has updated a lot of the interior spaces, including wiring and electrical in Currie and MacKenzie to make them better workspaces. The painting that is the core of this project requires real professional artwork and is beyond the scope of DND maintenance. It is something special.
      My personal view is that Curry Hall is just another meeting room unless we make it something special. Principal John Cowan was the first to start talking about some of the crests around the Hall, then Joel Sokolsky mentioned the history a few times. The current Principal, Harry Kowal has also mentioned such history. I think its evolution as a focal point a a College experience is ongoing and this project would help build this focus as a reflection of our joint values past and future.

  • As one of the co-authors of the Class of ’72 Project 2015/16, the conclusions were accepted.

  • Would there be room for the restoration of the artwork and a new Gauthier bas relief featuring the Colour Party (one off…not the gift plaques floated earlier)? Maybe stick Rocky Mac’s display case in there as well.

    Regarding cost, my guess is $20K, but stand by. In this case, size counts. I will check.

    • The Class of 74 brought the Gauthier Collection to RMC (67 pieces). Search for this: Schedule A – The Gauthier Collection – of the RMC Class of 1974 Gauthier Project Agreement.
      The story of “Brucie” was in E-Veritas
      Don’s suggestion is a new request which has not been flushed out yet.

  • For the record I am in favour of the Currie project and would consider one of the other projects too if funds and resources permit but my guess is they won’t.

  • First, thank you for your best wishes for the coming year. I wish you and yours good health and much happiness in 2016.
    Second, thanks to you both,the Project Leads, the Funding Committee and or course our Class Secretary for doing yeomen’s work on behalf of all of us.
    I agree with your assessment that the three original projects each have risks which could prevent or delay their realization, and therefore perhaps not meet the Class’ objectives for our Legacy Gift to the College.

    I therefore support your recommendation to make funding to support the ‘over and above DND responsibility’ portion of the Currie Hall renovation/refurbishment, the Class of 72’s gift.
    But in keeping with the old saying ‘something old, something new’, if there are sufficient funds, I think Don’s idea of also giving a bas relief of a typical College scene, is a good one. I take Bruce’s point that Class gifts should not have to pay for normal maintenance, which is a public funds responsibility. But as I understand it, our money would pay for the refreshing of the ‘extras’ which make Currie Hall special and a national treasure.

    If this slight modification to your proposal is agreed, I suggest the brass plaque mentioned in your summary of the Project also say that the bas relief was donated by the Class. As there have been previous, and will probably be future renovations/refurbishments to Currie Hall, do we also want the plaque to specify that we supported the one carried out in 2016-2018? Which raises the question about how the other 2 classes plan to show their contributions to the refurbishment? Will there be 3 separate plaques?
    Again thank you for all the good work. I look forward to hearing from the Funding Committee about how we are doing, and what our chances are of raising $100,000 for the work in the 3rd year (as it appears that the first two are covered by the other two classes) and for the bas relief, as well as the plaque –

    All the best


  • I agree with Rick’s position.

    WRT something new, I have corresponded with Col Gauthier, and he is not able to take on any new projects.

  • First great work on the analysis of the various projects to consider… complex, time-consuming and with some risks which may be too difficult to overcome.

    Like Bruce, however, I too am a bit concerned about providing funding to “bricks and mortar” type projects which should be covered by DND. I assume that if the additional $260+ K is not provided then that additional work on the Currie “extras” would not be completed; albeit 2 other classes have already committed $130K… so I assume that our commitment for all or part of the balance would mean that all those extras would then be completed. I trust I read this correctly.
    I also agree that some simple statement that our class “supported” this work might not be sufficient nor appropriate – do we know what recognition is being given to the other 2 classes? And of course even with some recognjition there is a chance that our class contribution will be lost in the combined efforts of DND and 2 other classes.

    Though I still believe that our class should become the first Old Brigade joining class to provide a gift which provides recognition of our time spent at all 3 colleges (and as an aside I disagree with the comment made with respect to the “RSM” proposal that “It is noted that placement at RR would not give it broad exposure to cadets” – this overlooks the exposure RRU currently provides to all ex cadets who attended RRMC between 1940-1995 and to all milcol ex cadets since 1995 who visit/work in the area to see what RRMC was all about. Nevertheless, I seem to be in the minority in this type of proposal, and therefore may need to see if I can generate something else – but only to augment what we will be doing as a class and certainly not to interfere with or diminish our Class of 1967 Old Brigade gift (and not to be too difficult or petty – but I still really see myself as a class of 1968 Old Brigade member .. but I will get over it).

    I look forward to seeing the final results of the views expressed by other classmates and to what our chances are of getting that significant funding amount.

    best wishes to all for a safe and wonderful 2016.



  • I have been watching the debate with interest since receiving your email, which for some reason was the first I had seen of the three projects. That may be related to the fact that I had been working for DND until a few months back and previous correspondence may have been going to that email account. I am now back in the loop, thank you. As have many of the others who have responded, I too would like to thank you and all the others who have put so much effort into this project. I know it is a lot of work. Having examined the risk assessments presented in the interim report, I support, in principle, the recommended way ahead (although my heart has always been with the NCO appreciation project). I do this not without reservations as previously presented by Bruce and others. My main concern is that our contribution not be lost in the larger publicly funded renovations. I believe, however, that this could be mitigated if we also move forward with Don’s bas relief idea, appropriately attributed to our class. As an unrelated thought, looking through the list of email addresses on Lawrence’s email brings back many pleasant memories of the time we spent together. Thanks again for your hard work …. Bill Fulton

  • My hat’s off to all of you who have put in many hours on this.

    Currie Hall takes my reluctant vote. “Renovation” and “refurbishment” to me suggest maintenance. Revitalize or revive may be more descriptive terms of what I think you are getting at. When all is said and done, I’d like whatever work we support in Currie Hall to be distinctive, appreciated and readily identifiable with our class.

    A couple people asked for a status report on the fundraising. And…?

    Gary Ollson

  • I remember the first time that I entered Currie Hall. It was an incredible and humbling experience. As I looked at the detail, what it depicted and what it represented, I was in awe …..and to think that I had become a part of this – Wow!

    Refurbishing Currie Hall to even close to its original splendour goes well beyond routine maintenance. While we might believe that this should be the responsibility of DND and that appropriate funding should be provided, regrettably this is not the reality today.

    While I am sympathetic to David Bindernagle’s views regarding recognition of time spent at all three colleges, I support the Currie Hall Project and would be proud to be a part of it.

    Thank you to everyone who has been involved in this initiative.


    Larry Lashkevich

    Truth, Duty, Valour

  • What a lot of memories came flooding back when I read these names! After looking at the reports, I made a trip down to the college for the first time in several years. What hit me immediately was the sight of the buildings where we spent so much time (sleeping and working). When I went into the main buildings I was “transported back” to years long gone by and almost expected to see familiar faces moving about. I examined the names and comments on the boards and walked quietly by the offices and rooms. When I left I was strangely satisfied and again felt good about my time at RMC. So when I read the comments about “restoring” Currie Hall, I fully understood some of the feelings behind the thoughts. I believe that as a lasting gift that contributes to the ongoing culture and ethos of RMC, the Currie Hall Project is a most fitting choice. Cadets will examine and remember the designs and that will be part of the RMC experience – to remember with pride those who have went before. Currie to me does not only mean Sir Arthur and the Great War – our participation in that conflict was a major part of Canada’s and RMC’s history and included the development of the Canadian Army and its officer corps. My grandfather was there so it means something professionally and personally.

    I would suggest that the agreement with the college/DND very carefully spell out the project specs and parameters. Although I agree that this project encompasses work that exceeds the normal definition of O&M, there will be many aspects that could be expected to be undertaken by DND as part of O&M and integrated with the artistic and creative work of the project. In that way we could maximize the value added of our contribution.

    I also thank the project team for their outstanding efforts and perseverance to bring us this far. I look forward to contributing to the project and future news of developments.

    Sincerely, Ian

    PS Go All Blacks!

  • I have to say how much I appreciate your leadership to bring this effort to closure. Not an easy task I know. I think a focus on Currie Hall for the gift is an excellent one. We all have great memories of the place and what it means to the college. I do have an issue with commingling our gift with DND’s funds unless the renovation would not go forward without our participation. I have to agree with Ian that enhancing the renovation with an identifiable contribution that would go beyond what would be considered part of a “normal” DND renovation is preferable. This would provide a longer lasting, identifiable and meaningful legacy for the class. Options may present themselves with a review of the renovation plans. I can’t anticipate what they may be, but based on others I have seen in similar places they might include carved entry doors, an ante-room, stained glass windows or custom furniture to be used for special occasions like convocations.

    I will acquiesce to the majority, but we have to keep in mind how much we are targeting to raise and our ability to achieve that goal. Can someone on the fundraising side let us know where we stand on pledges and funds received? Thanks.


  • First, my heartfelt thanks to those who have put in the hours in to move the class project forward. Tackling something like this is not trivial and coming up with something that all can support is almost impossible.

    That being said, I have to admit that my memories and ties to the college are all about the relationships, the training, the culture and not to the infrastructure. As a Roadent, the piece of infrastructure that brings back the most vivid memories for me is the Quarterdeck at Roads, and not so much Currie Hall. The number of times I was actually in Currie are very few so it has no special memory for me, whereas the Quarterdeck was where we Roadents were first indoctrinated and was somewhere where we passed virtually daily. I am sure that many CMR vets have similar memories.

    Nevertheless, I know that we have to settle on something, and it seems as if the proposed solution is the best compromise. As I said, I know how hard it must have been to come up with something, so I can support the proposal. With that support though, I would like to echo Dave’s and Ian’s comments below. I also hope that our gift can be readily recognised as a Class of ’72 contribution and does not get lost or comingled with what DND should be doing and with what the other classes are contributing.

    Again, thanks to those who are working hard on this. It is very much appreciated.

    Cheers…… Gary, 9398!

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