Kiosk Add-On Project Idea from Dave Bindernagel

I (Dave Bindernagel) am travelling throughout Feb but will attempt to come up with a suggested “add-on” to our class project. One idea which I am pursuing out here is to put in the museum an interactive kiosk which would provide information on the military colleges, ex cadets, both current and past photos, access to web site and other digital information etc. This would allow visitors to access details on RRMC, RMCC, and CMR, as well as cadets who attended these colleges. We have considerable electronic information out here (2 DVDs on RRMC, all the log books and photo albums from RRMC are digitized, and photos from all the RRU-ex cadet events which have occurred since closure in 1995). We could add current details on milcol recruiting, any RMCC and CMR digital information about the colleges (videos etc); I think this would be beneficial to everyone – cadets, ex cadets, general public – and should meet the aims of the Foundation…. and the criteria you not below. It has already received support from the Vancouver Island Ex Cadet Club as well as the Military Heritage Committee (at RRU) which considers heritage projects worth pursuing. I am meeting with the RRU museum/archivist and the RRU/ex cadet coordinator before the end of January to further discuss . I can provide an update at that time. Let me know if you think this is worth considering. I think it could come in line with the budget but need to develop costs over the next several months.

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  • Funds permitting, I like Dave’s kiosk idea. It would allow us to do something at all three CMC sites and might also allow us to do the RSM project electronically.

  • Leganrednib

    Not bad at all. Who will load and maintain the database…Museum staff?


    • We are looking into that too. We will have to define the scope of each kiosks which may depend on location. An RR location might be best served by much RR info and some general info on the Mil Cols today, recruiting and the like. CMR might want something similar. RMC might be more slanted towards specific thngs at RMC and more general items regarding the all Mil Cols. We will have to broach the issue of a large common server or separate info banks. The single server becomes much more involved……..costly over time too!

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