Class List

The following is a complete list of those who are eligible for membership in the Royal Military Colleges Club of Canada as members of the Class of 1972. At the request of some class members, only college and year of entry, last name, first name (when available), email address and status are available from this Website. Other details (e.g., home addresses and phone numbers) can be accessed by contacting the . If you’re looking for a classmate and can’t find his coordinates in the Class list, try one of the following Web phonebooks: Canada 411 or Switchboard US.

Each entry in the list presented below includes on of the following status qualifiers:

SOS means ‘struck off strength’ (e.g., deceased),
MEM means the classmate is a member of the RMC Club and his coordinates are up-to-date,
‘blank’ means a classmate’s coordinates are current,
???? means the coordinates need to be confirmed,
N/I means ‘not interested in contact’, and
LOST means the classmate’s coordinates are unknown.

Please check out the class list and communicate any updates to the Class Secretary using the feedback form, or by email: . Any updates are much appreciated.

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Col No Last name First name Email Status Entry
9019 Abbott Bob SOS CMR-67
9205 Adamson T LOST RMC-68
9021 Aguin J LOST CMR-67
9020 Allaire Andre CMR-67
9206 Anderson J LOST RMC-68
9207 Anderson P LOST RMC-68
9022 Arsenault R LOST CMR-67
9023 Asselin D LOST CMR-67
9315 Banks Tom SOS RR-68
9208 Barnes Dave RMC-68
9316 Beallie Ron RR-68
9209 Beauchamp C LOST RMC-68
9317 Beauchamp David LOST RR-68
9024 Beauchesne Andre CMR-67
9025 Beaudry Pierre CMR-67
9026 Beaupre Yvan CMR-67
9027 Bernatchez Andre CMR-67
9028 Bernier R LOST CMR-67
9029 Bertrand Richard CMR-67
9318 Bindernagel Dave MEM RR-68
Displaying 1–20 of 439 1 2 3 21 22